Apr 19, 2019, 5:00 PM
U.S. Air Force Academy

How to Compete:

1) Establish or join an official CrossFit club at your school 

            - Only 1 club per school

            - Can operate on campus or out of a local CrossFit affiliate

2) Ensure yourself and all members of your team meet the eligibility criteria below

3) Register (No Cost)

            - Only one person from each school needs to register

            - *Please include names of members who will compete in each division

            - Only one team per division per school

            - 1 Male and Female alternate for each school is authorized


Eligibility Criteria:

- All teams must provide documentation of official club establishment within school (only 1


- All members must be full-time students at specified school and present proof of enrollment in a

minimum of 12 credit hours (exemption second semester seniors with graduation approval)

- All members must be 25 or younger at beginning of championship (19 April)

- Graduate students who meet all other eligibility requirements are authorized 



- RX Male Individual

- RX Female Individual

- RX Team (male-male-female-female)

- Scaled Team (male-male-female-female) 



- Each Division will have a winner

- Overall winning school will be decided by placement of both RX individuals (.25) & RX Team

(.5) divisions added together

CrossFit®  mark is used under license from CrossFit, Inc